Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zbrush vs Blender

I've been working on a new Zbrush model that I started last night of a particular feline character I've long wanted to sculpt.

He's only had three subdivisions so far, which is around 22k polys. I'm actually rather happy with the way he's coming out. The back thighs/legs are still giving me trouble with the way the muscles bunch and fold against each other, but that's due to cats have all that stretchy skin in that area. Makes it rather difficult to sculpt. I haven't touched the front legs yet, but they're rather simple. The paws will come a bit later once I have enough polys to divide the toes.

This model marks a first for my 3D skill set, because I imported it into Blender to edit the mesh. Curving a perfect tail was proving to be quite the challenge in Zbrush, so I imported the model into Blender, and after many video tutorials and frustrated screaming matches with it, finally figured out the program enough to re-model the whole tail. I've been spoiled with Zbrush's easy navigation and interface. Blender SUUUCKKSSSSssss. Just modeling a partial tail tested all my limits, and usually I'm pretty good with picking up new programs. How people model anything outside of Zbrush is beyond me.

Anyway, this feline will be worked on again tomorrow.

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