Saturday, March 20, 2010

The New Blog

So here's the new artblog. My old one at Livejournal was giving me too much trouble(logging in, formatting, etc), so I decided to try Blogger out.

So here's some new stuff to celebrate the grand opening! 8D
(click the images to see the full-size)
the second image is a collage of rejected worms.
Testing out the image-uploader through blogger. Its kinda cool. No more posting photobucket links.

This weekend my roommate and I did a full inventory of our awesome movie collection and reorganized the stand. Jordan probably owns more then me, but it's near 50/50. And yes, we own ALL the Disney Animated feature films on vhs.

anyone care to guess the exact number of movies? (hint, its well over a 100 :P )
anyone care to guess the movie shown on the tv?

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